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3-Steps to renovate your garden this winter

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Some garden tools you might need for the 3-steps to renovate your garden this winter.

Renovate your garden this winter in three steps with some practical advice from both the Easy Guide to Small Gardens, by Keith Kirsten, and Sinvolle Tuinontwerp, authored by Lindsay Gray, Helen Lachenicht, and Sharon Walker.

When winter is freezing and we are spending more time inside, our gardens is the last thing on our minds. Don’t start neglecting your garden now, spend more time in the winter sun by making sure your garden is a place where you can get closer to nature, spend time with some friends or enjoy some quiet time all year round.

Some of us have a picture in our head, or even whole dedicated Pinterest board, about our dream gardens. If you just bought a new home, or plan to add some elements to your garden, it is important to have a proper plan in place to create a timeless and functional garden. So, do not rush to gather the spade and shears just yet! If you think a good design is expensive, you should add up all the unnecessary costs of a bad design.

Here are some helpful tips that might help you to start the process the right way and avoid unnecessary costs:

1. Planning

Assess the current state of the space and start by drawing a rough layout. Think of the purpose you want your garden to have. Would you like it to be a cosy place where you can entertain guests or a practical garden where you can plant herbs and vegetables?

After you know the aim of your project, it is time to consult the Pinterest boards and to look for some ideas. Remember that your vision needs to be in line with the purpose.

Renovating your garden is ideal during the winter.

After you have created a draft on how you would like to revamp your garden, assess your idea on how workable it is:

  • Is there enough sunlight in the spot that you picked for the vegetable garden?
  • Is there still enough space for your furry friends and children to run around in? 
  • Will you have to close-off any water features to protect small children?

It is always easier to adapt your idea when it is still a draft, instead of when you have already executed it.

2. Choosing plants and garden features

It essential that you choose the right plants and features for your garden. Everything must complement each other and the house design. But it is also important to keep your budget in mind.


Adding some focus plants, such as aloes with interesting shapes or colours, will accentuate some of the areas that are usually hidden away in a garden, such as corners. These plants will improve the overall look of the garden and can be surrounded by some non-focal elements, such as rocks or other small flowering plants.

Step 2: Choosing flowers, such as Foxgloves, Violets, and Pansies while renovating your garden.

If you would like to have some flowering plants throughout the year, annuals are the way to go. Flowers such as Foxgloves, Violets, and Pansies will ensure a pop of colour in the garden.  Although it is easy to grow these plants from seed, they need to be fertilised to make sure they have a longer lifespan.

Garden features

Structural elements, such as garden paths or pergolas, are not only functional, but also contribute to the design of the garden. A garden path makes the garden accessible in all weather conditions, while pergolas can be added to provide some shade for the spot where you want to entertain guests.

3. Execute plans

After you have drawn-up your adjusted plans and chosen some elements to add to your garden, it is time to get to work. Make sure that you have the right equipment and at least some guidance, before you jump in a dig a hole for a Koi Pond.

After you have created your dream garden, it is absolutely necessary you tend to it regularly. By making sure that your plants are watered and fertilized, and the bird bath has some fresh water, you will reap the benefits of a beautiful garden all year round!

For these and more detailed tips about these 3-steps on how to create your dream garden during winter, we recommend the following books to guide you on your way.

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