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How do I check if I have the latest
soundfile update
for SAPPI Birds of South Africa?

Since the first appearance of the Callfinder in 2014, we have released 3 updates for Sappi Birds of South Africa, with the latest one in 2016.

If you have bought your Callfinder® since 2016, you will have the latest soundfiles. 

Try this simple test

  • Turn to page 60 in the book
  • Point your device on the White Stork/ Witooievaar.
  • If you hear its call, then you have the latest update already.
Callfinder Update test


  • Although the majority of the Callfinder® ready books are sound active, not all images are active for sound.
  • In the Callfinder® nature guides, the images noted with green sound icons are sound active.
  • In the Talking Dictionary®, all words are sound active from page 7. Additionally, numerous images throughout the book are also sound active, particularly in the music, transport and life on earth sections.
  • In Blinktand in die Bosveldparadys, the sound file reads one column of text at a time when the text column is touched. Sound activation starts on page 7. Images with sound icons from page 129 are also sound active.

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How to update the sound files on your Callfinder®

Briza Publications occasionally updates existing sound files of several of our Callfinder® ready books when new versions become available. If you have bought directly from us, we have captured your details and will notify you when a new sound file version is available...

How to upload new sound files to your Callfinder®

More than one sound file can be stored on your Callfinder® so you are able to use one Callfinder® for different of our Callfinder® ready books. Follow these easy steps to upload new sound files to your Callfinder® now.

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