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Southern Africa is bursting with breathtaking environments and thousands of weird and wonderful creatures, but what do we really know about these creatures? Like what a chameleon does all day? How fast a wild dog can run? And even, what sound a nyala makes?

Megan Emmet, a real-life game ranger has put together the perfect book that answers all of these burning questions and more – Nature Unpacked!

Your all-in-one nature guide

Nature Unpacked is the one and only guide that you need to uncover the top secrets of the most common mammals, birds, reptiles, frogs, insects and plants found in southern Africa. With over 900 amazing, full-colour photographs, this book is an absolute must-have and the only travel buddy you need to take along on your next trip to the Kruger Park and beyond.

Unique features

While you might already have a few books on these various species and ask yourself why buy another? Here are the top 6 reasons why you absolutely need this book.

1. It helps you unlock the sounds of the wild

Nature Unpacked uses Briza Publications’ amazing Callfinder® technology that lets you unlock the sounds of the wild by being able to listen to the calls and sounds of the creatures in the book. With the Callfinder® device (an optional extra) all you need to do is touch the image of the different creatures on the pages to instantly hear their unique sounds.

The use of the Callfinder® device makes this book great for children by introducing them to the beautiful natural world around them that they cannot get to through their screens.

2. The book is written by a real-life game ranger

Megan Emmett, author of the bestselling book Game Ranger in your Backpack has worked in the wildlife industry for nearly 20 years and has been closely involved in the well-known environmental TV programme 50/50 for almost 10 years.

In Nature Unpacked, Megan has condensed her 20 years of knowledge, secrets and tips in one single guide that will help you to unpack the mysteries of southern Africa’s wildlife.

3. This book makes learning and reading fun

Do you find most field guides boring and dry? Well if you do, Nature Unpacked is the type of book for you. Instead of giving heaps of text-heavy technical information on each species, Nature Unpacked provides information that is interesting, practical and only focuses on information that is valuable to you.

4. It includes valuable features

Additional to the great content, this book gives you more by incorporating valuable features like distribution maps, animal spores, icons, and quick identification tables that list different animals’ length, weight, gestation period, offspring count, lifespan, and diet as well as information on different plants and trees’ Latin names, distribution areas, height, leaf type, arrangement and seasonality.

5. It is a book for everyone

Nature Unpacked is a book that everyone can enjoy. This is not only a book for more experienced nature enthusiasts, but also for children and first-time travellers with its reader-friendly text and colourful, imaginative layout that allows you to visually interact with the content.

Get the bang for your buck by buying one book for the whole family.

6. It’s a great gift

With the festive season rapidly approaching why not get your gifts early this year, and save yourself some money at the same time. Instead of buying your partner, grandparents or boss a gift voucher or some or other paraphernalia you bought at the last minute, treat them by gifting them this special book – a gift they will get endless use, knowledge and fun out of.

Get Nature Unpacked now on special

from or the Briza Bookshop

Already have a Callfinder® ?

If you have already bought a Callfinder® with one of our other books, you’ll be happy to hear that you don’t need to buy another one for this book.

Simply buy the book and the Nature Unpacked sound file together for R535.00 when you purchase from us directly, saving you 9% off of the book.

Don’t have a Callfinder® ?

If you don’t have a Callfinder® don’t stress. You can get all you need in our Nature Unpacked package which includes the book, Callfinder® and sound file.

When you purchase from us directly you can get this deal now for as low as R995.00, 10% off of its normal price and a great deal lower than other retail stores.

So get to nature this summer with Nature Unpacked to unlock the wonderful world around you with a real-life game ranger by your side as a travel guide and companion.

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