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Get ready all nature enthusiasts:
Briza Publications is launching a brand-new blog series to help you GET TO NATURE this season.

Who we are

Briza Publications is a front-running publisher of books centred around South African nature, plant and animal species, field guides, farming, gardening and much more. Our publications are used by professionals, academics, educators, hobbyists – and all book lovers alike. Our ground-breaking Callfinder® technology has transformed the reading experience and enthralled nature lovers all over the world.

We are committed to conduct our business with uncompromised honesty and integrity with the goal of inspiring a deeper love and appreciation of our natural heritage.

What you will find here

Briza’s new blog series: Get to Nature will bring you all the tips, tricks and inspiration that will help you get to and flourish in nature this season alongside our myriad of nature-driven titles. From topics such as gardening, birding, going green, game driving, outdoor activities, eco-tourism and more, we aim to bring you relevant, concise articles that appeal to YOU as a nature-lover, eco-nut, or outdoorsman.

Watch this space and our social media pages for exciting content, discounts and competitions to come, or better yet, bookmark this page and follow us on Facebook @briza.publications so that you don’t miss out.

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