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Testing a faulty Callfinder®

  1. First of all, please check that your Callfinder® has enough power. For the green Callfinder® (T4 model), please replace the batteries and test it now. This Callfinder® is not rechargeable and uses two AAA batteries.
  2. The white and blue Sappi Callfinder® has a rechargeable battery and does not work with batteries. Connect the Callfinder® to your computer with the USB cable. The computer should be able to recognise the Callfinder® and allow you to open it. You should see three folders here: Book, Record, Mp3 files.

Diagnostic test

However, if your Callfinder® has enough power, please run this diagnostic test:

  • Connect your Callfinder® to your computer through the USB port. Your computer should be able to recognise the Callfinder® (this bypasses the battery).
  • Now click the ‘start’ button on your computer and click on ’My computer’. Look for your Callfinder® which will be named as a ‘removable disc’, ‘USB Drive’ or ‘External Drive’. Now double-click to open it.
  • If you can’t connect your Callfinder® or interact with it on your computer, there might be a bigger problem than the battery and that will not necessary be fixable.
  • Please try using other USB ports on your computer, and continue testing using a different USB cable to eliminate that as the source of the problem.
  • If the computer picks up your Callfinder® while connected to the computer, but does not switch on when it is disconnected, then it could possibly be the battery that is the problem.
  • If your computer can pick the Callfinder® up when connected via USB cable, it might also be that the sound files need to updated. In that case, please contact us.

Please note

It is easy to damage the wires when the battery compartment is opened without care. If you are able, rather send your Callfinder® for us to double check if it is the battery and simultaneously replace the battery. Unfortunately, as client, you will be responsible for the courier cost to and back from our offices.

If you live near Pretoria, you are welcome to bring the Callfinder® to us, so that we can test it. Not all problems are fixable though and since it is too costly to send it overseas, the best option could be get a replacement.

Contact us to assist you.