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Celebrating female authors during Women’s Month

Augusts serves as a reminder of the women who stand for the right to be and to take up space. In celebration of Women’s Month, Briza would like to shine the light on some of our female authors.

Ways to reduce plastic use during Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July is a movement to help raise awareness of the problem of single-use plastic. By making some changes, you too can reduce your plastic use.

3-Steps to renovate your garden this winter

Keep warm by renovating your garden in 3 easy steps a garden, you can enjoy all year round, close to nature with friends and family.

Decorate with nature this festive season

The festive season is here again, which means it is also the time to start decorating our homes, offices, and even yards - if you haven't already. While shops are filled with endless options for ready-made, commercial decorations, why not think outside the box this...

10 Ways to get your kids to nature

Nowadays getting children away from their screens and into the yard to play outside can be difficult, but the large number of benefits that nature provides kids’ minds is enough reason to give it a try. Luckily there are lots of ways to make nature as...

Rhino horns – to trade or not to trade should no longer even be a question

Rhino poaching has increased by 9000% between 2007-2014 and although rhino poaching is decreasing, it is still not fast enough to combat the dwindling population numbers caused by poaching. In this article, Briza Publications author of The New Game Rancher, Dr Peter...

Why are bees important to us?

The words: "save the bees!" have been on everyone's lips, but why are bees so important to us? Why should we be worried about them? And, how can we help? Why do we need bees? 1. Bees are important for food production As you might know, bees are pollinators, meaning...

Take a game ranger with you on safari – Get Nature Unpacked

Southern Africa is bursting with breathtaking environments and thousands of weird and wonderful creatures, but what do we really know about these creatures? Like what a chameleon does all day? How fast a wild dog can run? And even, what sound a nyala makes? Megan...

Discover the majesty of Southern African wood this Heritage Day with Briza

Southern Africa is rich with a large variety of indigenous tree species, little is truly known about their wood. Spend some time along the camp fire this Heritage Day to think of wood not just as a piece of natural fuel but also a deeply treasured part of our natural heritage.

Get springing: Top plants, trees, and shrubs to attract birds to your garden

Are you looking to lure some beautiful birds to your garden? Plant these plants, trees, and shrubs to bring back nature to your city space.

Get Springing: Top tips to get gardening with indigenous plants and trees this arbor week

Get Springing: Top tips to get gardening with indigenous plants and trees this arbor week

Are you looking to plant a tree for arbor week?
Read Briza’s top tips to get gardening creatively with indigenous plants and trees for arbor week. This article will discuss the difference between indigenous and exotic plants and trees, the benefits of planting indigenous plants and trees and things to consider when planting them, and then also give some top indigenous plants and trees for small gardens.