Callfinder Support

We’ve created short articles to help you use, update and troubleshoot your Callfinder® device.

How to know if you need to update your Nature Unpacked/Jou Natuurgids sound file

The sound file for Nature Unpacked/Jou Natuurgids is fixed and will not be updated. Contact us for queries.

More Support for your Callfinder® device

How to find your Callfinder’s® batch number

Newer models of the Briza Callfinder® can be identified by their batch number. Knowing the batch number will help us to identify important information about your Callfinder and the soundfile format it supports. Callfinder® with a batch number The batch number of your...

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How to identify your Callfinder® model

Since 2014, Briza has released a variety of Callfinder® models. In order to give you the best support possible, use this guide to identify your model.  The Green (T4) Sappi Callfinder® This version uses 2 AAA batteries only and is our latest version. It can...

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How to replace a faulty or corrupt sound file

It is possible to replace a sound file for free – especially if the sound file became corrupted which might be the case. In terms of replacing a faulty or corrupt sound file, you have three options: 1. Receive a new sound file via web link You will need internet and a...

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How to replace a faulty Callfinder®

In the event your Callfinder® is not working properly or broken, please contact us so that we may assist you and assess the situation. In order to assist you we will need the following information: The title or titles of the Callfinder® ready books you have.The batch...

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