Callfinder Support

We’ve created short articles to help you use, update and troubleshoot your Callfinder® device.

How to know if you need to update your Mammal Guide/Soogdiergids sound file

Try this simple test:

Go to page 19 in your book and check if the female and male lions have different sounds. If they don’t, you know that you don’t have the latest sound file and you can update it if you want to. Please contact us and we will email you an update link.

More Support for your Callfinder® device

How to find your Callfinder’s® batch number

Newer models of the Briza Callfinder® can be identified by their batch number. Knowing the batch number will help us to identify important information about your Callfinder and the soundfile format it supports. Callfinder® with a batch number The batch number of your...

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How to identify your Callfinder® model

Since 2014, Briza has released a variety of Callfinder® models. In order to give you the best support possible, use this guide to identify your model.  The Green (T4) Sappi Callfinder® This version uses 2 AAA batteries only and is our latest version. It can...

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How to replace a faulty or corrupt sound file

It is possible to replace a sound file for free – especially if the sound file became corrupted which might be the case. In terms of replacing a faulty or corrupt sound file, you have three options: 1. Receive a new sound file via web link You will need internet and a...

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How to replace a faulty Callfinder®

In the event your Callfinder® is not working properly or broken, please contact us so that we may assist you and assess the situation. In order to assist you we will need the following information: The title or titles of the Callfinder® ready books you have.The batch...

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