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Suzanne J. Milton

Briza Publications author Suzanne J. Milton (BABSc, PhD), born July 1952 in Cape Town, married to ornithologist Dr. W.R.J. Dean Sue Milton worked as an ecologist from 1977 to 2005, carrying out research in the arid and semi-arid parts of South Africa, and lecturing on a part-time basis on conservation issues at Western Cape Universities. With Dr Richard Dean she now runs Renu-Karoo Veld Restoration cc, supplying advice, seeds and indigenous plants for Karoo veld restoration and landscaping ( She also consults on botanical and natural veld issues in the central and southern Karoo.

Suzanne J. Milton’s overarching interest is the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources. To this end Suzanne and Richard established Wolwekraal Nature Reserve in Prince Albert to protect the local flora and provide environmental education. Research ranges from sustainability of browsing of thorn trees in KwaZulu Natal to picking of ferns from indigenous forests, and for the past 20 years, of grazing in Karoo veld. Since 1987 Sue Milton and Richard Dean have managed the Tierberg Karoo Research Centre where they conducted long-term experiments on Karoo bird, plant population and community responses to nutrient enrichment, drought and grazing.

After a decade of research in the Karoo, Richard Dean (UCT) and Suzanne J. Milton edited the book The Karoo Ecological Patterns and Processes that gathers together the ecological knowledge of this region. The Briza publication Karoo Veld Ecology and Management, edited by Esler, Milton and Dean, is based on a guide of the same name by Milton and Dean published 10 years earlier. Suzanne Milton has also published 120 papers in scientific journals, 50 popular articles and 10 chapters in various books. A book entitled Restoring Natural Capital and dealing with valuation of the restoration of ecosystem goods and services (eds. Aronson, Milton & Blignaut), was published by Island Press in 2007.

Furthermore Suzanne has also received the Molteno Medal for service to conservation in the Western Cape (Nov. 2004), the Prestige Award of Grassland Society of Southern Africa (July 2005), and honorary lifetime membership to the Ecological Society of America (March 2013).

Books by Suzanne J. Milton

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More publications by Suzanne J. Milton

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