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At Briza, our authors are our pride! They are specialists in their fields and above all great writers, producing excellent books which educate us and lead us to a greater understanding of our world.

Reg Botha

Briza Publications author Reg Botha is a well-known landscape designer who shares his passion for gardening in many ways. Not only is he renowned for the beautiful gardens he designs, but also for the lectures and gardening courses he presents all over South Africa and for his interesting gardening articles and stunning landscape photography that are regularly published in gardening magazines.

Reg Botha is ‘n bekende landskapontwerper wat sy passie met tuinmaak op vele maniere met ander deel. Hy is nie net welbekend vir die pragtige tuine wat hy ontwerp en uitlê nie, maar ook vir sy gewilde lesings en kursusse wat hy regoor Suid-Afrika aanbied, en vir sy interessante artikels en asemrowende landskapfotografie wat gereeld in tuinmaaktydskrifte verskyn.

Books by Reg Botha

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Rolf Becker

Briza Publications author Rolf Becker graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Biochemistry, as well as a Master of Science and PhD in Biochemistry. He was Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Limpopo for 20 years, while also furthering his...

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Alma Möller

Briza Publications author Alma Möller graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Botany and Genetics, and a Master of Science in Entomology, after obtaining a postgraduate certificate in Electron Microscopy. She worked at the University of Limpopo as Electron...

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CJ Cilliers

Author CJ Cilliers is a retired researcher with a PhD in entomology. She is known for her research on the biological control of insects pests and aquatic weeds, implementing biological control and integrated pest and weed management in South Africa and elsewhere. This...

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CE van Ginkel

Author CE van Ginkel is a freshwater scientist, with a PhD in botany. As a special scientist in the then Department of Water Affairs, she practised aquatic science over several decades throughout South Africa. She was the coordinator of the National Eutrophication...

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Piet van Wyk

The late author Piet van Wyk (1931 - 2006) was a biologist who worked for three decades as a researcher in the Kruger National Park. He authored several popular books on southern African trees. Wyle outeur Piet van Wyk (1931 - 2006) was 'n bioloog wat drie dekades as...

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